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Glass Art Printing

At Glass Warehouse, we are capable of printing abstract images and patterns on your plain and opaque glasses to make them stand out and to create a terrific impression on your visitors. Glass is certainly fashionable, but there is something very alluring about print splash backs or decorative mirrors. You can get abstract patterns or designs, sharp geometric shapes, your own images or even traditional patterns printed on the glass. In fact, we make it possible for you to get specific images put up on the glass as well.

Glass Art printing for your home and office

The advantage of having printed glass in your home or office is that it helps you make a bold statement effortlessly. You can match different colours, make a statement, or preserve a pattern or an image that you really love in glass. With our print on glass services, you can use these decorative mirrors or furniture glass as ornamental pieces, or as splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re not entirely sure about the pattern that you want for your kitchen, bathroom or living room, we can help you with the creative process as well. Our consultants will be able to superimpose the glass graphic on any photo of your house, so that you can see what it would exactly look like. It doesn’t matter whether you want stunning Baby Birth Prints or you may need signage for your business, we can provide you awe-inspiring results.
If you’re interested in getting a free quote or you have any question about our glass products and services, contact us today on 02 9825 9080.
Our Guarantee

Need your glass repaired or replaced? Don’t settle for less- choose Glass Warehouse products and services. Glass Warehouse guarantees that if your glass is broken or damaged within the first 3 years, Glass Warehouse will replace it for free, no questions asked guarantee on all shower screens, balustrades and splashbacks, and 7 years guarantee on workmanship.



Available Sizes

Inches (HxL)CM (HxL)Price

12×8 30×20 $220.00
18×12 45×30 $235.00
24×20 61×50 $290.00
30×20 76×50 $470.00
40×30 100×76 $530.00
32×48 81×122 Contact Us
Inches (HxL)CM (HxL)Price

8×12 20×30 $220.00
12×18 30×45 $235.00
20×24 50×61 $290.00
20×30 50×76 $470.00
30×40 76×100 $530.00
48×32 122×81 Contact Us
Inches (HxL)CM (HxL)Price

12×12 30×30 $180.00
16×16 40×40 $210.00
20×20 50×50 $280.00
30×30 76×76 $580.00
40×40 100×100 Contact Us
Inches (HxL)CM (HxL)Price

16×9 40×23 $210.00
24×12 61×30 $330.00
32×18 81×45 $470.00
40×20 100×50 $600.00

Our Guarantee

If your glass breaks within the first 3 years we will replace it for free, no questions asked on all splashbacks, shower screens, pool fencing and balustrades, plus our 7 years guarantee on workmanship.