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Bring a dash of style and colour to your home with our extensive range of splashbacks

If you are looking to add a bit of extra elegance, colour and style to your kitchen, our splashbacks can deliver you outstanding results. Glass splashbacks are created from back painted glass that has been toughened to add stability and strength. Though coloured splashbacks are best suited for kitchens, they are also extensively used in bathrooms nowadays. All types of splashbacks, including mirror splashbacks, are heat-resistant and incredibly easy to clean, but one of the main reasons why they are so popular is the fact that they are exceptionally appealing to look at. Our Splashbacks can be customized to match the decor in the rest of your kitchen or bathroom as well.

Splashback Practicality Matters

Our Glass splashbacks are made of toughened glass, so they are really strong and sturdy. Glass Warehouse can further enhance the appeal of splashbacks by printing high resolution images, photos or graphic patterns. Additionally, you can get splashbacks in metallic, standard and pearl colours.

Since our splashbacks are extremely low on iron glass, it completely eliminates the chances of the appearance of ‘green tinge’, which is quite common with normal clear glass. We use Splashback glass with a thickness of 6mm, and it goes though our stringent toughening process to attain that unmatched strength, safety and reliability.


They are incredibly easy to clean and add aesthetic charm to any area you desire.


It does not matter if you are looking for kitchen splashbacks or bathroom splashbacks; our extensive range of 50 stunning colours, ranging from lime stone to Deep Ocean will enable you to pick the one that would suit your desired area the best.

Mirror splashback

They come in plethora of sizes and designs. Owing to the fact that they are highly heat resistant, they are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Printed Splashbacks

We can also offer you splashbacks that come with eye-catching designs and patterns. Printed splashbacks are becoming rather popular off late. We can provide you with a variety of samples and valuable advice from our expert consultants to point you towards the right direction.

With our convenient and responsive services, exceptionally fast turnaround time of just 5 days, you can rest assured that you will get only the best results at the best prices.

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Our Guarantee

If your glass breaks within the first 3 years we will replace it for free, no questions asked on all splashbacks, shower screens, pool fencing and balustrades, plus our 7 years guarantee on workmanship.